DF-20 Flow Transducer

DF-20 Flow Transducer

Flow transducer for fluids
Used for measuring fluid flow volumes and speeds, the DF-20 flow transducer can be used on our DMZ-X units, for example. It is well-suited for low-solid content fluids. The fluids must be transparent to infrared light (e.g., water, oil, chemicals).

The DF-20 is appropriate for flow rates of 0.5 – 20 liters per minute (for DMZ-4 / DMZ-8: 0.5 - 5 liters per minute). It is equipped with 3/8" AG connectors. Some suggested areas of application are: filling equipment, such as in the food and drink industry, cooling water monitoring, wastewater engineering, general mechanical engineering, or the chemical industry. Thanks to the materials used (plastic and stainless steel), it is able to measure aggressive media.

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Technical Data

Power supply voltage 5 ... 24 V DC, (12-24 mA)
Output signal Pulses: approx. 100 - 2000 Hz,
Square-wave NPN OPEN collector
Flow volume 0.5 - 20 liters / min. (water)
The flow transducer is designed for low-viscosity fluids (solids < 20 µm). When using with DMZ-X, only frequencies up to 500 Hz can be evaluated, corresponding to 0.5 - 5 liters / min.
Startup value approx. 0.08 liters / min
K factor approx. 6000 pulses / liter
Measurement accuracy 1 % from final value
Repeatability 0.3 % of measured value
Max. operating pressure 16 bar
Connector 3/8" AG
Medium temperature - 20 °C ... + 90 °C
Material Housing: PVDF
Turbine wheel: Vectra rotor
Standard: Viton,
Optional: EPDM
Protective class IP54
Dimensions W / H / D : 58 x 90 x 85 mm
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Ordering information: DF-20: E1799